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Internet Movie To Look Forward To:
Night Light (2013) fan-made trailer:

Harry Dresden & Mouse?
About Night Light (2013):
When some of Chicago's minor magical talents become the targets of abuse, the police chalk it up to isolated incidents of self-inflicted harm. But Chicago's only professional wizard cannot, even though he's off the books for this one. No one has hired Harry Dresden to investigate.

Then it starts to look serial, and Harry won't wait for someone to die in order to declare this a case. He's planning a solid pre-emptive strike against whomever or whatever is stalking the city's most vulnerable practitioners.

Plot outline
Set between "Proven Guilty" and "White Night."
Source: Info in the About Night Light (2013) was taken from on 23/06/2013.

Jim Butcher endorsing Night Light
Starring Landon Solomon as Harry Dresden. Directed by William Teel. A Tower of Turtles production.

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Movie Release Date: September 2013

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