Friday, 13 September 2013


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Jurassic World (2015) pitch trailer:

Jurassic World (2015)
About Jurassic World (2015):
Jurassic World is an upcoming American science fiction adventure film that will be be the fourth entry in the Jurassic Park film series. The film was originally scheduled to be released on June 13, 2014, but it has re-entered development with a release date set for summer 2015.[3][4] It will be directed by Colin Trevorrow[5][6] and produced by Patrick Crowley and Frank Marshall. Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow will write the script. Neither a plot synopsis nor any cast members have been confirmed.

Since the release of the third Jurassic Park film in 2001, speculation on the fourth film has abounded. Progress on the film endured what has been termed "development hell" for more than a decade, with innumerable rumors regarding casting, plot, and directing having been put forward from varying sources. In early 2013, official announcements confirming a concrete release date and director for Jurassic Park 4 were conclusively made by Universal Pictures. It was confirmed by Colin Trevorrow that the film will feature Isla Nublar, the island from the first film.

On September 10, 2013, it was confirmed that Universal Pictures will release the film, retitled Jurassic World, on June 12, 2015.
Source: Info in the About Jurassic World (2015) was taken from on 13/09/2013.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow. An Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures film in association with Legendary Pictures.

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Movie Release Date: 12 June 2015

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